Why Movie Sequels are Not as Good as the Original?

There has been a big talk on the greatness between the original movie and its sequel. Some say that movie itself is really good enough. Others might say that a film would be better if it had a sequel. Sometimes, the problem is that the first movie already ended with a nice and satisfying ending. The main characters ended up together, the killer was arrested, and justice prevailed, the cure to the contagious disease was found, and the likes. However, the viewers want more. Due to the high demand of the people and the money that can be made, a sequel is produced. Every once in a while, the producers make a better sequel than the original movie itself, but unfortunately, movie sequels can be a bit disappointing most of the time. Here are some of the reasons why movie sequels are not as good as the originals.

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Change of directors affects the movie. Some directors changed in other movie sequels. Directors could be very busy, and they do not have enough time to stick around with a whole movie series, so new directors are hired to manage the sequel of a movie. Examples of these movies are the Harry Potter series, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Trilogy, Aliens, Fast and Furious series, Spider-Man movies, and many more. A change of director can affect how the movie is produced. Sometimes, it can hurt a series, but there are also times when a change of director surprisingly works out for the film sequel.

Some of the actors are re-casted

This happens most of the time to movie sequels. Other stars can replace actors. The reason could be because some of them have to attend to other commitments, they do not want to work with a different director, sometimes they get fired for showing bad behavior, the movie is just too bad that they don’t want to be a cast anymore, or they just do not want to be a part of the movie. Seeing unfamiliar faces playing the roles of your favorite characters could be quite disappointing. This is why some people prefer watching the original movie to its sequel.

The movie content weakens.

The thing with some movie sequels is that their plot is usually the same thing. The story revolves around the same content that eventually gets watered down. A good movie sequel must have the same thing, but different. There must be a story build-up that would not bore the audiences, and that would make them wonder what might happen next.

A sequel is not planned.

Many movies are made without having an intention to have sequels. When the viewers became hyped up about the movie and wanted more of it, movie producers try to make another part. Some movies are standalone movies, so trying to write another part of it could be quite difficult. The problem with unplanned sequels is that ideas seemed to be forced and are not thought carefully, so it does not help in producing a good movie sequel.

Movie creators get too overconfident.

When making a film, you must create an exciting plot that attracts your viewers, and you must present a cast that could be very relatable to your watchers. Sometimes, when you produce a very successful film, you get assured that viewers will always support the sequel of the movie. Some creators get lazy in creating a sequel. They do not show the same effort as when they were making the first movie. The creators tend not to think carefully of their characters and make the sequel plot more interesting than the original since they are assured of having guaranteed success.

There are no booming special effects.

Audiences get amazed and stunned when watching a movie with booming special effects because some of them haven’t seen anything like it before. So when the sequel comes out, these special effects do not affect them anymore because they’re not new to the viewers’ eyes. The movie would lose the “wow factor,” so they would need to impress the audiences with a great and remarkable storyline.

Expectations of the fans are very high.

When the viewers hear about their favorite movie’s sequel, they immediately expect it to be as incredible or as better than the original. The fans may demand many things, and their expectations continue to build up, which could affect the creative freedom of the writers and the directors. Sometimes, movie sequels are not as good as the originals because people expect them to be so much better.