Ranking the Spider Man Movies


Ever since comics and animated illustrations sparked an interest among the audience, many movie makers decided to convert these into full action figure-based movies. The thought of having a superhero character from a comic into a feature film appeared to be bizarre at first, but seeing the success of many such films such as Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, and many others, it was evident that these movies had a major interest from the viewers. In the 21st century, many films are still made on science fiction or fictional characters that are adopted from comic books such as The Spider Man.

The Spider Man Series

Spider Man is a fictional superhero created by Stan Lee who first appeared in August 1962 in the comic named Amazing Fantasy. Marvel Comics was the company that featured Spider Man initially in comics and then also featured him through movies and television shows via Marvel Universe. The story of Spider Man series was based on how the superhero had a special ability like spiders to climb on walls and have the spider web disseminate from the palm of his hand.

The hero then used his ability to counter the dangerous criminals and help the citizens of the city. The Spider Man Franchise has gained massive success with 9 movies in the entire series as well as video games, shows, toys, and appearance in multiple programs. Starting from worst to the best in terms of ranking, below is an article about the several Spider Man Movies.

The Amazing Spider Man 2

The Amazing Spider Man 2 was released in 2014 after The Amazing Spider Man 1 series was considered as a success. Directed by Marc Webb, it was the fifth movie in the Spider Man series and was produced in a collaboration by Marvel Entertainment and Columbia Pictures. Film stars stayed the same, Peter Parker and Emma Stone. The Amazing Spider Man 2 originally envisioned to be a beginning of a shared fictional universe, but the final film turned out to be much lower than the expectations in terms of commercial and popularity success.

This further resulted in cancellation of all further sequels. Critics wrote that the movie had a “bloated and blunted” drama. The reason why the film did not have much success was somewhat having a very similar story line and not having much change. There were too many villainsand many plot points at a single time.


Venom was released as a unique approach to the Spider Man series and was enjoyed by the audiences but not the critics very much. Venom was a film which depicted the role of an evil villain Spider Man. The critics called this film to be “tone-deaf, uneven, and maddeningly dumb clunker”.  Owen Gleiberman said that this film was a little less exciting for the fact that the audiences had already seen a relatively better film recently in the form of Spider Man : The Homecoming.

Venom shows a villain version of Spider Man.

Spider Man 3

In 2007, Spider Man 3 was released as a part of the very first Spider Man series. Since it was the third part of the same series, it did not perform well as much as the other films of the series. Spider Man 3 was the lowest rated film in Tobey Maguire series. Even many of the positive reviews of the movie said that the movie was a bit uneven.

Roger Elbert, a critic for master films, said that there were too many villains, too many plot points, many of the romantic turnarounds, and appears to be a mix-up of too many things in one single movie. Fans who were quite happy with Spider Man 2 were disappointed with Spider Man 3.

The Amazing Spider Man

Prior to The Amazing Spider Man 2, The Amazing Spider Man’s first part was released which was slightly better than the sequel. This film had Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as the lead stars. Most of the people who watched this film enjoyed it, but a few critics had a different opinion about it. Chris Vognar wrote for “The Dallas Morning News” that this is a grittier webslinger saga which contained some elements of Peter Parker and a tone more defined towards emotions rather than the wide-eyed wonders. The film had plenty of fizz. According to the critics, this film got a score of 73%.

Theatrical Poster of the film, The Amazing Spider Man

Spider Man

The first movie in the series which helped to kick off the franchise was Spider Man.It was released in 2002. Receiving a score of 90% from the critics, this film was a huge success as it introduced a new hero to the Hollywood. Many critics said that due to the exceptional role played by Tobey Maguire in the film balancing action and comedy, the movie had already prepared the audiences for nearly two-decades of the Spider Man Films. It was considered to be the perfect extension of the comic book series and one of the most commercially successful films of the franchise.

Spider Man : Far from Home

The 2019 film Spider Man : Far from Home was a sequel to the film Spider Man : Homecoming. Stars of the film included Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson, Zendaya, CobieSmulders, Jon Favreau, and others. With a lower budget than the other Spider Man movies ($160 million), this film was able to make a hefty sum of $1.132 billion on box office and was one of the most grossing films of the year as well. Most critics were impressed by the overall action in the film and the chemistry between the cast which is why it had a high critic score of 90.

Nicholas Barber, a critic, said that this is one of the lightest and silliest of Marvel’s films which makes it enjoyable and forgettable at the same time. Since Marvel Studios has main productions as bigger films, this one appeared to be much different than that as it was on a lower scale. Being the 24th highest grossing films of all times, a sequel to this film is expected in 2021.

Spider Man - Far from Home was a big commercial success for the franchise.

Spider Man : Homecoming

The first standalone movie produced by Marvel Cinematic Universe was Spider Man : Home Coming which had Tom Holland as the role of Peter Parker in the next generation of Spider Man films. The film was sixth most grossing film of the year which earned over $880 million on Box Office. The different approach to the Spider man movies began with this one since there was a totally changed cast and many new approaches with the Marvel Concept.

The role of Holland was appreciated by many critics who said that he performed the role of Peter Parker in a near perfect manner without any mistakes. Michael O’Sullivan wrote for The Washington Post that this was an authentic and refreshingly nerdy film with a well-worn Marvel Cap. Some also called it the Best Spider Man Movie of the Bunch. The Critical score for this film was 92%.

Spider Man 2

Perhaps one of the best ones in the Spider Man Series has been the second one in the series by the name of Spider Man 2 which had a whole different story line and a dilemma between friendship, love, and crime. The film received multiple Academy Awards and was also the third highest grossing film of the year earning over $789 million.

Stars of the film include Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, and James Franco. Critics said that this film gave suspenseful stakes and gave an opportunity to Alfred Molina to act in portrayal of Doc Ock. The audience also loved this film and called it incredibly enjoyable.

Poster of the film, Spider Man 2.

Spider Man : Into the Spider Verse

The best Spider Man Movie in the series is Spider Man : Into the Spider Verse which has received a critic score of 97%. This movie was also released in 2018 and had the characters built up with a mix of comedy and empathy. Unlike the other movies in the series, this one was a computer animated one which is why it became much popular among the young children rather than the adults.

Although the film was not as much of a commercial success as many other films in the series have been, it was regarded by the critics as a triumphant work of art. The film has received multiple awards for the Best Animated Feature Film.


The Spider Man Movies have made it to the top positions multiple times in the superhero action films categories. The franchise has proven to be successful by being an influence over the young children with toys, video games, books, television shows, and the movies. A pattern of ranking was apparent in the Spider Man Movies that the first parts of the movies used to be better and their sequels did not excite the fans as much. However, the franchise has still made big sums of money from the Spider Man series without any movie going completely flop. We hope that many new grossing Spider Man films are released in the future.