The Most Famous Movie Cameos Of All Time

Is there anything better than your favorite celebrity popping up on the screen out of nowhere during a great movie? Even if the appearance is as quick as the blink of your eyes? That’s a cameo for you!

Some big names have already mastered the art of cameo. They effortlessly drop in a scene to delight you for a minute or even seconds and still make it to their home for dinner. You know the fun part about cameo roles? Sometimes they are more memorable and fun than the full-length movies. You might be wondering how a famous person would agree for such a small thing. Well, these appearances can either be a due to friendship between the director/producer and celebrity, or it is paid to add a little spice to the film. A small cameo in a Netflix success story can lead to a new growing career which is called the Netflix Effect.

Some Cameo Appearances That You Might Have Missed

The list of stars who performed cameo roles is long. From singers to athletes and political figures to actors; you will see a lot of big names poking fun, making a joke or just appear for a split second walk-on in your favorite movie. Some of these might even get unnoticed too. Scroll through!

1. Wedding Crashers – Will Ferrell

Wedding Crashers – Will FerrellWill Ferrell may not be a new name for a majority of you. He is an actor, producer, writer and above all, he is a comedian. Will Ferrell always want comedy acting to get recognition for being the real form of art.

His performance in the flick Wedding Crashers was just comprised on two scenes, but even in this short span he proved himself to be a great comedian. You are bound to laugh at his dialogues effortlessly. Will played Chaz in the cameo. The character has novel ways to attract girls, especially the one who are ‘so horny that it is not even fair’.  

2. Zombieland – Bill Murray 

Zombieland - Bill MurrayBill Murray is famous for showing up at social gatherings or parties unannounced. Hence, it won’t surprise you if he chooses to walk-in for an odd cameo.

In the early 2000s, a wave of American horror movies prevailed and Zombieland came along. The flick is about zombies overrunning the world. Bill Murray also happens to appear in this zombie apocalypse for a couple of minutes. He delivered his dialogues with the usual dry wit and managed to steal big laughs.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End – Keith Richards

Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End Keith RichardsJohnny Depp was rumored to get inspiration of his character Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) from his friend Keith Richards. Fortunately, Richard played a cameo role of Jack’s father in the same movie, and the resemblance was simply astonishing.

Hence, we all know now how much Deep borrowed from Keith!

4. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – Sean Connery

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Sean ConneryAlthough the film Robin Hood turned Kevin Costner into a superstar; however, King Richard’s appearance stole the show.

Richard was played by Sean Connery. He appears at the time of Robin Hood’s wedding. Connery’s unmistakably interrupted by saying ‘I do’. It was barely a few minutes cameo, but it is reported that Connery took a million dollars for this. Fancy!

 5. Sunset Boulevard: Buster Keaton

Sunset Boulevard Buster KeatonBuster Keaton was a famous comedian in the 1920 for silent films. At those time, he was titled as ‘The Great Stone Face’. Buster was starred in movies like The Frozen North and Battling Butler.

After almost a decade, he made a cameo in Sunset Boulevard. He played a dried-up version of himself in the short appearance.

6. appily Ever After: Johnny Depp

Johnny DeppDo you know before 21 Jump Street cameo role; Johnny Depp made a short appearance in a French film Happily Ever After in 2004?

Johnny is seen with female lead of the movie (Charlotte Gainsbourg), at a music store and kisses her later in an elevator.

7. Die Another Day: Madonna

MadonnaJames Bond’s Die Another Day was released in 2002, and the material girl Madonna made a walk-in appearance in it.

She played the role of bowdy fencing instructor. She tells Pierce Brosnan (secret agent) that he is handling his weapon well. In reply, 007 assured that he had always been keeping his tip up. It was a fun interaction between the two.

8. Saawan: Salman Khan

Salman KhanWith almost 15 unexpected walk-in appearances; Bollywood celebrity Salman Khan is known as ‘the king of cameos’. He showed up in Saawan as a Nostradamus figure. However, the movie was a flop.

The film was directed by Salman khan’s colleague who helped him a lot during the early years of his career. The role seems like a favor to a friend.

9. Deadpool 2: Brad Pitt

Brad PittDeadpool fans, you might have caught it already! Brad Pitt made a momentary appearance as Vanisher, a superhero who is a member of X-Force super team. It is a comic-based character.

The character is never seen by the viewers because of his invisible powers. However, when he was electrocuted, the audience caught a fleeting shot of the heartthrob.

Paul Wernicke – the Screenwriter desired this walk-in as a ‘pinch-me moment’.

10. Annie Hall – Marshall McLuhan

Marshall McLuhanIf you think only actors or singers can make good cameos in movies, then this one is going to prove you wrong. In 1977, a well-known Canadian professor Marshall McLuhan made an appearance as himself in a movie.

In Marshall’s scene in Annie Hall, he was seen waiting in a theater’s line and got a chance to exemplify a few theories he espoused.

11. Back to the Future: Huey Lewis

Huey LewisWe all know Huey Lewis as a Rock band frontman who sang The Power of Love. Although the composition became a theme song of Back to the Future, but only a few people could know that the singer also performed a cameo role in the same flick.

Huey appeared as a school principal who rejected Marty when he tried for the Battle of The Bands. 

12. This Is The End: Rihanna

RihannaIn 2013, Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen gave a hit comedy where the stunner Rihanna made an unforgettable cameo.

In the scene, Michael Cera pats on her butt and she replies with a slap on his face. It was stated that Cera (Michael) decided to ask her if he can slap her butt for real to make the joke funnier. Upon asking for permission, Rihanna agreed by saying that she is going to come back way harder.

13. Hot Fuzz: Cate Blanchett

Cate BlanchettYou might be disappointed for missing this one, but that’s not your fault because Cate Blanchett was not recognizable in this one. She wore a surgical mask for the cameo scene in Hot Fuzz, an action film parody.

Apparently, Cate was a fan of director’s Edgar Wright’s previous movie Shaun of the Dead, thus he asked the star to do a sneaky cameo in Hot Fuzz.

15. The Sopranos: Lady Gaga

Lady GagaThis role is sure to blow your mind! The pop star Lady Gaga made a pre-fame walk-in appearance in The Sopranos Season 3 as an uncredited extra. The celebrity was only 15 years old at that time. Her scene didn’t involve any dialogues either.

Later, Lady Gaga amazed her fans with her acting skills in the movie A Star Is Born long after The Sopranos.

16. Jurassic World: Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy BuffettThis is a ‘blink-and-you-will-miss-it-moment’. The restaurant chain owner and musician appeared in a funny scene where he was running away from dinosaurs while holding two margaritas in his hands.

Apparently, the cameo was a result of friendly terms between Frank Marshall (producer of Jurassic Park) and Jimmy.

17. Jane the Virgin: Kesha

KeshaPop artist Kesha appeared on Jane the Virgin Season 2 as the next-door neighbor of the main lead, Jane.

Kesha’s role in the show was also a musician. However, as per character’s demand; she acted rudely and denied to stop playing music at nighttime. Jane and her newborn Mateo were quite upset with it.

18. Fifty Shades of Grey: Rita Ora

Rita OraRita Ora, a well-known British singer played a short cameo role in the Fifty Shades of Grey as Christian Grey’s sister Mia Grey. She played the role in two sequels as well. However, in the first part, she had four lines in total.

Famous Cameo Appearances: Yay or Nay?

We have already talked about the famous cameo roles of all the time, but what is the purpose of these short appearances? Does this benefit the film in terms of fame and business? Well, that’s not certainly true always. Some superstars showed up as a cameo in a film, but still it couldn’t make it to the box-office.

The main reason behind these roles is to grab audience’s attention either by paying the celebrities a hefty amount or asking for favor as a friend or colleague, etc. No matter what the reason is; the cameo roles certainly leave a memorable and exciting impact on viewers.