What Makes a Jump Scare Effective?

Seeing this text all of a sudden with spooky sounds could surely scare anyone.

Ever wondered why some movies belong to the horror category but aren’t that scary? One reason for this is that the jump scare of these movies isn’t the one that could startle the audience or cause an instant fear. There are chances that it might as well be totally missing. However, with … Read more

Why Do We Watch Horror Movies?

Horror movies are full of thrills. 

The trend of watching movies and shows has increased in the modern era and especially rose when there was a situation of lockdown due to COVID-19. Everyone has their own taste of movies but have you ever wondered why this happens. Why are some people more interested in watching comedy movies whereas … Read more

The Elements of a Good Horror Movie

Horror movies are made better with some aspects. 

We all know that action and horror movies are among those which really grab the audiences’ attention. There is an interesting experience as well as a frightening one. However, horror movies are not easy to make. In fact, even a minor error in the several important elements could make the interest of … Read more