How to make a professional movie in Poland?

Each business owner wants his „baby” to grow professionally in the industry. No matter what kind of business do you have, at some stage you will need a well-planned marketing strategy. One of the best ways to promote your business is making short movies and putting them to social media. However, it’s not as easy as it looks – even if you have some experience in that field, it might happen that you will need some guidance. How to make a professional movie, for example, in Poland?

​Treat filming as a project

Nowadays creating content is a huge project with hundreds of bullet points to check. The final product is usually the result of a great effort of the whole team, as well as meeting the budget and deadline. Even when you want only a one-minute movie, you will need a whole plan, including the crew, schedule, location, and production – an idea, content, and creative tasks it’s not enough! What are the most important steps? Direction, script, cinematography, music, scenography, then editing – everything must be well prepared. Filming professional movies, especially for promoting business, it’s always time consuming, but also can be exciting and frustrating in the same way. If you feel that you need help in whole project or in specific step, it is a good idea to find someone who can guide you through the process, solve issues and provide great quality services. If you need that kind of services in Poland, you should check fixer in Poland!

​Why your business needs a professional movie?

Why your business needs a professional movie

Currently the best-selling space exist in social media. Brands are extending their territory word wildly, and the boundaries are blurred. If you want to sell services or products the only limitation is your scope, which can be successfully build online. Each business must have a great marketing strategy, including promoting movies and campaigns. Being proactive in social media is the best way for finding new clients.

​Why is Poland a good place for filming?

You don’t have to run a business in Poland or even sell your services here to have great content created in this country! There are several reasons why you should choose Poland. First – the budget. Eastern countries are much cheaper than western when it comes to all important things: services, crew, production team, and even flight tickets or costs of food or accommodation. You can easily come here from all European countries by plane. The same way, in Poland you can expect beautiful landscapes, different architecture, modern buildings next to old fashioned ones or even from the previous centuries; you can film over the sea, the lake or the mountains, and in big cities and the villages. Secondly, here in Poland it is not that hard to get a permission for filming, usually, for the smaller production is no needed. You can film landscapes everywhere, except for public space and privet premises. Also, if you need to film in specific building (church, museum, or gallery) the procedures usually are not very complicated, same when it comes to drone flying. Third, the production crew. In Poland you can find an amazing, creative, and professional production crew, and actors or models.