How did Jude Law Get His Start?

Are you one of the die-hard fans of The Talented Mr. Ripley,or have you watched all the stunning seasons of Sherlock Holmes in one go? No matter which category you belong to, Jude Law must have driven you crazy with his remarkable talent and exotic beauty. He is the marvelous actor who played some of the major roles in these famous works. This prolific and talented actor made his mark in Hollywood by playing many roles in different theatre shows, television dramas, and films for over 33 years.

David Jude Law is a renowned British actor, director, and filmmaker. He took his first breath on December 29, 1972. This embodiment of talent and beauty was born as the second child to Margaret Hayworth and Peter Robert Law. He began his acting career from the theatre at a very young age, and by now, he is considered one of the best English television and film actors. He has won several awards like BAFTA, Golden Globe, Oscar, the Chevalier of the French Order of Arts and Literature, and Cesar.

The Start of Law’s Exemplary Journey

Jude’s love for theatre was an inherited one. His father taught at primary schooland had been titled as “the youngest headmaster in London.” On the other hand, his mother was an English teacher. Jude’s parents deeply relished visiting the theatre frequently. Therefore, it is easy to see why Jude chose theatre as his future career.

He studied in some other public schools before joining ‘The Alleyn’s’ in Dulwich Private School. In 1987, at the age of 13, Jude’s passion and interest in acting made him join the National Youth Music Theatre.

This institute enabled him to spread his wings to the fullest, and he played various characters in several different plays, like The Ragged Child and Foxtrot DarlingThe Ragged Child received an award from Edinburgh Fringe. Another play Jude participated in was Les Parents Terrible (1995). This scandalous playearned him greater recognition. Jude’s performance amused the audience.The actor also got nominated for a Laurence Oliver Award for Outstanding Newcomer.

Jude first appeared on television in 1986 when he was given a role in the youth show Pocket Money. In 1989, Jude luckily got selected for playing a character in The Tailor of Gloucester (a television film based on Beatrix Potter’s Children Book).

At 17, the actor decided to quit school and dedicate himself entirely to his work. In 1990, he played a role in Granada daytime TV soap, Families. After playing minor roles in some other television series, he was finally given a lead role in The Crane on Channel 4.

In 1994, Jude took a successful step into the film industry. The actor was chosen to play a character in a full-length film Shopping. This film gathered a fair amount of audience. It helped to bring a gradual increase in Jude’s fans. He got several other film offers after Shopping. His future wife, Sadie Froth, was also a member of the film’s cast.

Jude’s Career Reaching its Peak

Headshot of Jude Law photographed by Frederic Auerbach.

Jude attained much more success in comparison to where he stood before. It would not be wrong to say that Jude started from absolutely nothing. His road to success had several bumps on the way. Despite the hardships, his remarkable talent helped him to achieve the goal he desired. He observed an overwhelming rise in his demand and fan following in the late 1990s and ever since.

The Late 1990’s

Jude did his epic drama I Love You, I Love You Not, which was warmly welcomed by the audience. Soon, he did another drama, Bent, which also received positive feedback. His appearance in the acclaimed biopic of Oscar Wilde, titled as Wilde, was the best work he did during this time.

Jude received greater recognition due to this amazing biopic. Evening Standard British Film Awards awarded him The Most Promising Newcomer AwardThe Evening Standard also believed it to be the best debut of 1997. These facts instigated everyone to watch this masterpiece.

The same year Law started working with Hollywood filmmakers. He did a science fiction film, Gattaca, with Ethan Hawk and Umma Thurman. In Gattaca, he played the role of a disabled swimmer. Jude also did other films like The Wisdom of Crocodiles (1998), which was welcomed warmly.

Jude Law married Sadie Froth in 1997. Together with a friend, the couple started a film company, Natural Nylon. It produced a few films like World of Tomorrow and Existenz.However, Jude’s role asDicky Greenleaf in Talented Mr. Ripley was a true milestone in the actor’s career. He won a BAFTA award for Best Supporting Actor and was also nominated for an Oscar and Golden Global Award in the same category.

Major Success Stories from 2000 Onwards

In 2001, Jude played the role of a Russian Sniper in the film Enemy at The Gates. It was a representation of the historic battle of Stalingrad. Although a specific group of the audience enjoyed the film, it received a cold welcome from Russian viewers, who considered the movie to be historically incorrect. The same year he played the role of a robot male prostitute in Steven Spielberg’s film, Artificial Intelligence. This film was a box office success and added another Golden Globe award on the actor’s list.

In 2003, he played another legendry character in the film Cold Mountain written by Anthony Minghella. This film pleased all his fans who adored works related to war and violence. Earning Jude an Oscar nomination, the film earned 173 million dollars at the box office.

In the following years, he did many other famous and award-winning films like The Holiday and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Law’s latest film Captain Marvel, in 2019, was a global box office success and made around $1 billion worldwide.

Personal Life

Jude divorced his wife, Sadie Froth, in 2003. After this, he dated Sienna Miller for three years. However, their relationship ended when the actress found out that she was being cheated on. The actor dated Samantha Burke for some time and had a daughter with her. Then hedatedthe singer Catherine Harding for about a month and had another daughter with her. The actor lately married PhilippaCoan in 2019 and has a child with her.


Jude is a highly capable and determined actor who started off the journey towards his goal at a very young age. He had nothing when he started. However, his passion made him rank in one of the best Hollywood actors today. He has won many awards for his dignified performances, and his fans will surely make him win more.