Do Jump Scares Have Any Effect On Our Health?

For years science has argued that fear have adverse effects on our health. However, with time scientists have continued to study the relationship between fear and health. While there are some factors that worry us but researchers today state that fear might actually be healthy for our health as well. Since fear is a natural human emotion that triggers our body to perceive something as a threat, we hardly notice how positively it might affect us. It is an essential part of keeping us safe, which triggers some positive factors along the way as well. 

Fear Triggers Adrenaline That Can Be Healthy

One of the health effects of fear is that it triggers adrenaline. We all are aware of the fact that too much stress can be harmful to health. However, a good amount of stress can actually be healthy. You might have noticed that a little scare makes your heart go faster. Plus, you even start to breathe faster and for some, it might be amongst the adverse effects of jump scares. 

This is exactly the case with jump scares as well. As soon as someone or something suddenly jumps in front of you, the body activates the stress signals that put it in either fight or flight mode even though most of us choose the flight mode. While the flight mode activates, your adrenal glands release adrenaline. 

However, if we were to know that a friend was just playing games with us, we tend to be more relaxed and the stress does not trigger since our brain is aware of what might potentially happen next. But if you are jump scared, the flow of adrenaline in your body followed by relief tells the muscles to relax. Soon, your brain starts releasing endorphins that make you feel good. Therefore, if there is anything good that jump scares give you, it is definitely a good kick of adrenaline.

Your Immunity Gets a Boost

You might be wondering what is the relationship between jump scares and the immunity system? You need to remember that a jump scare is actually fear. Your body is perceiving a certain thing or a move as a threat. Therefore, it is bound to activate the stress factor to keep you safe. However, at the same time, it is a well-settled fact that chronic stress is bad for overall immunity. But if your body was to receive quick bursts of stress, it might actually be helpful and healthy for the immune system. 

Similar to regular exercise, if you were to allow adrenaline to penetrate into your system, the short bouts with periods of recovery can strengthen your overall immune health. What this means is that the probability of you getting sick in the future is relatively less. A little bit of stress, tells your body that it needs to produce and release additional antioxidants and be more efficient with its defense against free radicals. 

You Actually Become More Alert

In the moment of jump scares when you are consumed and surrounded by fear, the adrenal glands release norepinephrine. The hormone makes your body more aware and alerts while making you sharper as well during the period of stress. It is basically a part of the plan to prepare your body to either fight or flee completely. With that being said, norepinephrine has the ability to affect your body and help you concentrate. However, low levels of the hormone are associated with depression, very low blood pressure, and deficit hyperactivity disorder. 

The Social Benefit

Whenever we are scared, we tend to run towards the area where people are gathered or to our friends and family members. This low dose of shock therapy is a good way to connect with friends and family. Jump scares or any other type of activity releases a bonding hormone oxytocin that makes us feel close to those who we are with. Also known as the love hormone, oxytocin is associated with relation-building benefits. It might also help with anxiety, depression, and even intestinal problems. 

Final Word

When our bodies go through a certain amount of physical stress, we take a break and allow ourselves to recuperate. The process tends to make your body stronger. This is the same with jump scares. Although it might be fun for others but believe it or not, one or two scares now and then can benefit the body.