Movie Stars Who Suddenly Switched Careers

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Movie stars often have to be under the spotlight for as long as they can to keep the public’s eye on them. For some actors, the fame is worth all the drama, and for others, it wasn’t. Here are eight movie stars who suddenly switched careers and moved on to more normal lives. … Read more

Famous Movies Starring Rachel Nichols

Actress Rachel Nichols

Rachel Emily Nichols is a well-known name in the American entertainment industry. The actress and model aged 40 started her modeling career during her time at Columbia, which included doing photoshoots in Europe. Rachel started her career as an actor by snagging the restaurant hostess role on the HBO situation comedy,Sex and … Read more

Who is Lucy Lawless, and What is She Up To?

Lucy Lawless speaking at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con International

Lucy Frances Lawless, most commonly known as Lucy Lawless, is an actress and a singer from New Zealand. She is known for playing the famous character of Xena in the popular TV show called “Xena: Warrior Princess.” When Lucy was young, she performed in school productions and learned opera singing at her … Read more

Films Starred in or Directed by Matt Damon

Matt Damon

Matthew Paige Damon (better known as Matt Damon) celebrated his half-century(50th birthday) on the 8th of October. In 1997, the award-winning American actor Matt Damon rose to fame after writing and starring in Good Will Hunting with his friend Ben Affleck. After the success of the movie and winning an Oscar for … Read more

How did Bruce Willis Get His Start in Acting?

Bruce Willis at a Live Free or Die Hard premiere in June 2007

Born on 19th March 1955, Bruce Willis is a 65 years old American actor and musician. His father worked for the military as a civilian. Bruce Willis’s mother was German, whereas his father was American. He was the eldest one among his three siblings. In 1957, after Bruce’s father got discharged from … Read more

Where Are the Dreamgirls Now?

Dreamgirls poster

The movie adaptation of Broadway musical Dreamgirls, released in 2006, was showered with Oscar nominations and won the Golden Globe award. With some dazzling musical numbers, the colorful and lively movie was fun and poignant. It was a treat to watch for all the music lovers. Even after 15 years, audiences remember … Read more

How did Jude Law Get His Start?

Jude Law

Are you one of the die-hard fans of The Talented Mr. Ripley,or have you watched all the stunning seasons of Sherlock Holmes in one go? No matter which category you belong to, Jude Law must have driven you crazy with his remarkable talent and exotic beauty. He is the marvelous actor who played some of the … Read more

Movies Starring Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey at the 83rd Academy Awards

The good-looking and ever charming actor Matthew McConaughey made his breakthrough by starring in the comedy movie Dazed and Confused almost three decades ago. Since then, he has been ruling the entertainment industry with his stellar performances and mesmerizing personality. The evergreen 50-year-old actor continues to surprise us by playing fascinating and … Read more