What Are the Top Movies Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Been In?


While thinking about action movies, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the first person to hit the mind. If you don’t agree; this article is sure to change your view point in the favor. Don’t believe it? Read on till the end! Arnold Schwarzenegger Background Arnold Alois was born on 30 July 1947. He is … Read more

Iconic Jump Scare Scenes in Movies

A Halloween mask

Although jump scares in horror movies tend to be quite popular and common but many people today along with the critics state that certain movies tend to overuse the jump-scare techniques. You can argue and agree to some extent but you cannot ignore the fact that the technique has become some sort … Read more

What is a Jump Scare?

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A jump scare is a technique mostly used in horror movies to scare the audience. It involves an individual or an object or item suddenly jumping into the scene accompanied by frightening music. Directors and producers mostly use this technique when there is complete silence for a couple of seconds before the … Read more

Why Do We Watch Horror Movies?

Horror movies are full of thrills. 

The trend of watching movies and shows has increased in the modern era and especially rose when there was a situation of lockdown due to COVID-19. Everyone has their own taste of movies but have you ever wondered why this happens. Why are some people more interested in watching comedy movies whereas … Read more

Do Jump Scares Have Any Effect On Our Health?

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For years science has argued that fear have adverse effects on our health. However, with time scientists have continued to study the relationship between fear and health. While there are some factors that worry us but researchers today state that fear might actually be healthy for our health as well. Since fear … Read more

The Elements of a Good Horror Movie

Horror movies are made better with some aspects. 

We all know that action and horror movies are among those which really grab the audiences’ attention. There is an interesting experience as well as a frightening one. However, horror movies are not easy to make. In fact, even a minor error in the several important elements could make the interest of … Read more

The Best Older Movies Millennials Need to Watch

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Watching old classic movies gives you a feeling of nostalgia. These movies may seem old, but their quality and story-telling transcend time. And for Millenials who are planning to watch them, here are some of the old-but-gold films from the Golden Age of Cinema that you need to watch. Dazed and Confused (1993) Set … Read more

Why Movie Sequels are Not as Good as the Original?

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There has been a big talk on the greatness between the original movie and its sequel. Some say that movie itself is really good enough. Others might say that a film would be better if it had a sequel. Sometimes, the problem is that the first movie already ended with a nice … Read more

The Top 10 Money-making Movies of All Time

Money-making Movies of All Time

We all know it – movies are not only for the sake of entertainment. While there are remarkable films that are honestly crafted all for the love of art, most movies are definitely intended and tailored based on how much money they can bring home. So, which movies actually tick that box? … Read more

The Best Comics to Movie Adaptations

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Comics are often adapted into movies. Some of them are good, and some are not. Among those good comics to movie adaptations, some films are the pick of the bunch. Here are some of the best comics to movie adaptations. Aside from these, learn more about Garfield – the famous comics cat.  Superman … Read more